domingo, 2 de marzo de 2014

2011 will be an excellent year

I love waiting for a new year. Make me feel sooooo good. I know 2011 will be an excellent year.

lunes, 3 de enero de 2011

Aaron is happy and I'm happy too.

Aaron my love. Thank you to came to my life.
Aaron my son, my loved son I love you a lot.
We enjoyed celebrating New Year.
In our way.
We dressed in white. White is the color for New Year.
We sharing a nice meal together. We were dancing and singing.
We were out to visit alll to our friends from the street and share food and talked with them.
We returned to our home and we slept with an smile in our face.

Aaron and Laura waiting for 2011

Aaron Sean Hannan and Laura Patricia Vignatti
Son and mother.
I consider if we receive excess of love in our childhood make strong to our adulthood, make strong forever.

Bye 2010

2010 was not an easy year for me. I'm must be honest.

Yes my friends, if I'm honest with me, I'm must be honest with you... Like I'm always saying: first: be honest with yourself and with others.

I lived bad things more than good things. Bad things tought me. Made me strong.

At the end of the year 2010 in my life started the good things.
So... the result about 2010 was: I learnt many things which is good.

One thing it is exist.

Other thing it is live.

I'm not just exist. I'm living.

People which just exist look how the life is going by.

People which is living has different experiences.

Like watching it is different from looking.

Like listening it is different from hearing.

I'm grateful about 2010.

First: I'm still alive. My mission it is not finished.

Second: I'm a mother which is for me a bless be a mother it is a bless. I've got a son like Aaron which I love him and he love me with freedom and respect ( for somebody which believe about this subject will be understand me: Aaron choose me as his mother, everybody choose before birth what mother wants) I've got to him 9 month inside my belly but he choose my belly. Do you understand me?
I teach to him but he teach me every day a lot of things.

Third: I've got friends.

My son, my friends, my parents are my treasure.

Friends which I can speak face to face, share a meal, a coffee, a silence.

I've got people which I consider to them my friends from the street, homeless, cartboard, kids which are living on the street and later change for good their lives, kids, old people which are still on the street and considered street it is their home, people from many different places in where they are for many reasons. They know me. They know I will be there when they need me.

I'm not Saint Laura. I'm not an Angel.

I'm a human. I'm a simple woman.

Friends on the Net. Friends which I never saw their faces but I know them. I know them by their writting, their sharings. I know how people are.

I repeat: I consider rich. My big acount it is not at the Bank. It is in the life. The Bank of Life.

I've got health. I've got a son. I've got a work. I've got friends. I've got parents which I choose them before I was come to this world. I choose Maria Elena and Orlando as my parents.
They didn't choose me. I did. So with all their strenght and weaknesses I love them and I accept to them as they are and I know with all my strenghts and weaknesses they love me and accept me as am I. They tought me and tought them. Was a feedback.

I've got a sister and I've got two step-brothers ( I think I've got 2 may be are more, who knows?) which I consider brothers I dislike the word "step" in Spanish sound hard: we said: "medio hermano" the translation it is: half brother it is like somebody cut in the middle of the person. I dislike very much that word: Medio hermano. Half brother. Step brother. It is brother or sister. My God !!! Like I said... I'm ready if some day is coming more brothers to my life and saying : Laura, hello I'm your brother or your sister... everybody will be welcome in my life, if we are more Vignatti it is better !!! ) .

I've got nephews, nieces, cousins, etc. etc.

My list will be how many things I've got in my life. The list will be not how many things I haven't.

I don't believe in destiny. I'm writing my life, my destiny every day.

God, gave to us that freedom. Make sense to our lives. The way: be responsable for our destiny.

Life is without sense with double intention. We must give sense to our lives. We are builders of our destiny.

So... on 2011 like in every year of my life I will be writing my destiny. I will be strong if in some chapter the wind is coming strong to move the page of my Book of Life.

I will be stand up. I will be with my head up. Always.

viernes, 31 de diciembre de 2010

2011 will be an excellent year for everybody!!!!

I love waiting for a New Year. Make me feel sooooooooooooo good!!! In 2 hours is coming I can't wait !!!!

Happy New year for everybody. All the Best wishes for 2011. God bless all of you in the way you conceive to God.

Happy New Year !!!

Best wishes for 2011 01-01-11

Eleven. The number considered: The Master

2011 will be teach to us many important things.

sábado, 18 de diciembre de 2010

Little boy is working

I was walking with my little boy like always and I founded the little boy which I met trying eating the rubbish.

He is working at the restaurant. Yes. He is washing dishes at the restaurant.

He his very young to work but the owner of the restaurant gave that work to him.

I was walking and he said to me: Hello. Did you remember me?

I watched to him and I replied: Of course. I remember you !!! Hello !!!!

He said: I'm working now. I've got my own money. I'm washing dishes at the restaurant.

It is not legal kids are working but he is working.

I said to him: okey, congratulations.

Thank you he replied to me.

Listen Madame, thank you for help me time ago.

I replied: Welcome.

I said to him: Call me Laura, I dislike Madame. Listen, I don't know your name yet. What is your name?

He replied: Roberto.

My name is Roberto. Some people called me Robertito. I dislike because I'm not a little boy to called me Robertito.

So Roberto, now you are working, in where do you live?

I'm living in the basement of the restaurant.

The owner gave me the permission to do that.

Next year I will go to the school. I want to go to the school and work.

Good. I replied to him. You've got good news.

His eyes changed. His eyes are with hope.

Listen Robertito, sorry Roberto, let's go to Mac Donnalds.

He said: Nooo, they don't want me there.

Let's go. I insist.

My son, Robertito ( sorry Roberto) we went to Mac Donnalds.

I know in other countries are very normal eating in Mac Donnalds but not in Argentina Republic.

We went to the queue and I said to him: I invite you and today it is a celebration for your new life. He smiled.

He said: I wish a Big Mac, with a big Coke.

My son wanted the happy meal. My son loves happy meal always. Collect the toys in where is coming inside to there.

I order a Cesar Salad with crispy chicken and Sprite. I don't like Coke.

We sat on the table. We were took our dinner together.

I repeat, for some people it is normal. For some countries it is normal eat inside to Mac Donnalds but not in Argentina Republic.

Roberto become his dream in true. Can you see how was his dream? Be accepted.

Aaron my son was happy 'cause Roberto was sharing with us.

I said to Roberto: Did you remember when I said: One day we will be here like now, sharing a meal. Not outside at the street.

Roberto said: They look at me different now, isn't it? My clothes are different.

I replied: Roberto, enjoy this moment. Past is past. Past time it is death time. Frozen time. We become our dream in true. Share a meal together.

Little boy Roberto, right now you are sleeping at the restaurant, at the background, at the basement. You are not more at the street. An angel will be protect you tonight and always.
You are a good boy.

Everybody know it is illegal which minors are working. You are so small to work. You are a kid. But... this is Argentina Republic.

Nobody give you damage. No policemen. No Social Assistants.

The owner of the Restaurant it is a nice man, her wife and sons too.

Nobody never more discriminate to you.

You've got a new life. You are responsable for your own life. So small boy but so madurate.

You will go to the school next year. I will help you.

Little boy was a pleasure share a meal with you.

Robertito, sorry, Roberto. In Spanish every word which finish with ito, ita means small and you don't want be small. You don't want be Little Roberto which means Robertito.

Okey. I respect you.

See you soon.

My heart and my soul is happy tonight.